Monday, May 18, 2009

My RP story of life

I might as well brief some of my RolePlay (RP) character's life, Dark.

Dark was a mysterious girl with amnesia who's been wondering around between Ningenkai (Human World), Reikai (Spirit World) and Makai (Demon World) for a very long time. She had short silvery white hair and crimson chaotic eyes that shows both good and evil within her.

Working as an assassin, she goes by the name of 'Chi Tsuki, The Rebellion' and was feared by the demons - both lower and higher class demons ranged from lower E-Class to higher A-Class - in Makai for her deathly skills and swift getaways from tight securities.

One day, The Prince of Reikai, Koenma, managed to caught Chi Tsuki with the help from a vampire assassin named Hoshi. Hoshi was not an ordinary vampire. She can control two of the most strongest elements known to men - Fire and Ice/Water.

Once she was caught, Koenma offered her two options which is either spending her live in Reikai prison or worked for him under probation. Dark then finally chose to work under him with a few equally agreements that she made; so that it's equally fair to his offer.

Koenma placed her under his wing as a freelance agent, working different of jobs as an assassin, a bounty hunter, a spy and many else that would be useful to her missions. She then met the Reikai Tantei team; Urameshi Yusuke, Kuwabara Kazuma, Kurama and Hiei. In some times, she would help them with their missions when needed.

After a long while, she decided to retire from her life as a 'lost wanderer in life' and settled down in Domino, Japan in Ningenkai. Dark took Hoshi - whose mind been brainwashed to start a new life - into adoption as her little sister from the orphanage (which Hoshi told Koenma to put her into), knowing that everyone deserve a second chance. Both reside at a little house at the outskirts of the city with Dark's demon tigress (a black tigress with white stripes and silver eyes), Mahou. Mahou's actually Dark's secret guardian angel in disguise.

To benefit her new life, she worked as a mangaka (comic artist), a waitress at Kaoru's Cake House and a Day and Night student in the elite school of Cross Academy in the other realm of Ningenkai.

However, her story doesn't end here....

There's more to her than meets the person...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Info About Me

Greetings and こんにちわ (Konnichiwa)

Welcome to my humble blog and I may as well introduce myself. The name's Dark or my other name Darkgirl1404. I love to online, sketching, anime/manga and lots more; but that's gonna be that for now...

First of all, I once publish a few fan-fics in (which I was still horrible in grammars at that time; and probably still is) but then they upgraded their site into a newer whacko version; making my stories that had been published gone haywire in many ways. I have no choice but to abandon the site and moved to and If you are familiar of me, you might know my slightly-well-known 'The Dark Love' story {a horrible Hiei love fan-fic that I wrote long ago = =ll } and I might as well re-write it with better grammars and story elements.

Right now all my stories will be in hiatus for the moment due to my tight schedules of mine as a still-learning student as well as preparing for my university intake . You can get my story updates mainly from my profile. I'm currently active in so you'll know where to contact me. ^^